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Andrea Johnson

Web Developer • New Haven, CT


I am a senior web developer with strong communication skills and a passion for building inclusive and intuitive user experiences. I believe collaboration between design and engineering is essential in creating such experiences and I am excited at the prospect of being a part of that collaboration. I would love the opportunity to invest in a distributed company that shares my enthusiasm for delivering clean, fast, and beautiful web applications.

With 10 years of experience in the web industry, my work spans complex bug fixes and feature development for large firms in the retail, manufacturing, and healthcare fields, as well as consultant work for "mom-and-pop" shops looking to improve their marketing and e-commerce sales.

My skills include CSS (SCSS, LESS), HTML, and JavaScript (jQuery, ES6, Vue.js, React Native), as well as diverse experience in PHP, C#, and Ruby on Rails. I'm dedicated to continuous learning as well as using my experiences to mentor others.


Sample Code

screenshot of minimalist weather app

Minimalist Weather AppSeptember 2018

React Native, JavaScript, CSS

Mobile app to view current weather in user's location.

screenshot of ajilitytechnologies.com/chicago-food-inspection-search

Chicago Food Inspection SearchJanuary 2018

Vue.js, CSS, HTML, Gulp, Webpack

Technical assessment. Simple search.

screenshot of ajilitytechnologies.com/quiz

Comic Books QuizMay 2017

JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Technical assessment. Simple quiz.