Senior Front-End Web Developer

a·gil·i·ty   /əˈjilədē/   noun  ability to think and understand quickly


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I am a senior web developer with 10 years of experience in front-end development that includes work on complex sites with thousands of products and millions of users across multiple platforms. I'm passionate about UX, building products focused on their users, and collaborating with teams of invested designers and developers to solve complex problems. My background also includes project management and remote working arrangements with offsite and offshore teams.

My skills include JavaScript (ES6, Vue.js, jQuery), CSS (SCSS, LESS), HTML, and diverse experience in PHP, C#, and Ruby on Rails. I'm dedicated to continuous learning as well as using my experience to mentor others.

I earned a BS in Computer Science from Michigan Tech. Outside of work I've held leadership positions in local and regional ice hockey leagues, including referee for college Division III, adult, high school, and AAA levels, coach for women’s adult, high school, and U19 teams, and team captain for women’s adult and U19 teams.


screenshot of drappleseed.com

Dr AppleseedJune 2015 - Present

CSS, Javascript, HTML, Webpack, Shopify, WordPress API, WordPress, SSL, Nginx

eCommerce site for small business owner.

screenshot of jaimiemorse.com

Jaimie MorseAugust 2017 - October 2017

CSS, HTML, Webpack, SSL, Nginx

One-page professional site for PhD student.

screenshot of blackdaylight.com

BlackdaylightNovember 2015 - August 2017

Vue.js, CSS, HTML, Webpack, WordPress API, WordPress, Apache

Artist site showcasing online music and art.


screenshot of ajilitytechnologies.com/chicago-food-inspection-search

Chicago Food Inspection SearchJanuary 2018

Vue.js, CSS, HTML, Gulp, Webpack

Technical assessment. Simple search.

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Comic Books QuizMay 2017

JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Technical assessment. Simple quiz.